Hear Uganda

Hear Uganda

Humanitarian Efforts and relief Uganda


Hear Uganda has conducted trainings and workshops to farmers in relation to conservation Farming in the areas of Butambala, Mpigi, Masaka, Wakiso, etc.

Climate smart agriculture workshops were conducted to train farmers on how to carry out agriculture yet protecting the environment, how to obtain high yields from a small piece of Land, etc. In the end agricultural demonstration plots were set up with the following places in Busunjju , Katende, Kabasanda prison and technical Institute,  etc.

Training the people in agriculture


During the period under review, HEAR UGANDA was invited and attended several high profile meetings in Uganda and outside. These include;

Two meetings of NGOs from OIC member countries in Turkey and Sudan respectively, a training of OIC member countries NGO in Nairobi , SAFCEI (cape town) environmental workshop in Johannesburg, ARC Jinja, Honcho Environmental Conference in Japan , SNV Uganda office trainings in Kampala, NGO forum meeting from Kampala etc.





ARC and Japan Government

Environment and alternate energy promotions



International Garden Show






General training





OIC and Turkish government



Several Partners

Training workshop

Enviroment workshop

training and workshops

visit to Paul Tscang


  • Thursday, 03 January 2019

This project targetes and benefites several areas and districts which include Kampala , Kasese, kalangala , Wakiso,Masulita ,Kiboga ,Mbarara, Yumbe , Isingiro, Butambala,Masaka , Jinja, urban refugees among Others

The project procures animals from basically low income and small farmers within localities so as to improve their incomes. Normally small farmers are targeted for obvious reasons. Recipients here are also availed with tree seedlings to plant at their homes as a way of protecting the environment.

Each year, over 900 cows/bulls were purchased and distributed to the poor and needy communities, refugees, orphans, widows, social centres, hospitals, prisons and other institutions to boost their diets.





Business support

school fees project

bicycle project



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22UNDP agricultural project

Conservation Agriculture and Farming in Uganda......

distributing tree seedlings to students


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Mangoes at Kakubo garden

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HEAR Uganda is very active in Agriculture with several stakeholders like ARC , UNDP, etc. The following are some of the projects:

Farming the Islamic way
Farming Gods way
Climate Smart Agriculture, etc

Set up Agricultural Demostration Plots. We have trained more that 2000 stakeholders in the several of farming techniques especially schools that include:

  • Namusera UMEA School
  • Buziga Islamic Primary school 
  • Buziga Islamic Secondary school
  • Mpigi UMEA School
  • Kakubo UMEA School
  • Kabasanda Technical Institute
  • Kabasanda Prison
  • Kabasanda Prison
  • Wakataayi Sec. School
  • Kikooto Primary School (Ali Bin Abii Twalib)
  • Buyita Primary School
  • Mitala Maria Islamic Primary school
  • Sanyu Babies Home 

Water and sanitation is still a big challenge in Uganda;

Access to Safe Water in Urban Areas (mainly through piped water supplies and boreholes, as well as shallow wells in small towns) currently stands at 66%. Management of piped water Provision of toilets and pit latrines is still low.

Water pond for cattle and people  Kibibi area

Water pond for cattle and people- Kibibi area

Water pond in Luwero

Water pond in Luwero

Collecting water in Kiboga area

Collecting water in Kiboga area

Water shortage in Lugazi

Water shortage in Lugazi

Water challenges in Masaka

Water challenges in Masaka

Digging under ground water  Butambala

Digging under ground water- Butambala

Bore hole by HEAR Uganda

Bore hole by HEAR Uganda

Kalagala village  Butambala district  bore hole

Kalagala village- Butambala district- bore hole


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DSC 0269


Uganda had 4.93 million hectares of forest cover by the 1990’s (24.1%) but by 2005 this reduced to only 3.55 hectares (17.4 %). Uganda lost 28 % of its forest cover within just 15 years at a deforestation rate of 92.000 hectare per year.

Over 90% of the domestic energy needs in Uganda is by biomass with 96 % house hold cooking dependent on fuel wood (Enku) or charcoal (Amanda). Industries and brick burning activities also use a lot of wood. It is anticipated that by 2026, Uganda will need 1.7 million hectares of wood per year (NFA). Uganda loses about 6,000 hectares of forests every month.

Environment activities

Tree planting – Fruit and non fruit
. Energy cooking stoves
. Solar touches and systems
. Water harvesting activities, etc


YEAR : Population in millions
1962 : 5 million people
1969 : 9.5 million people
1991 : 16.6 million people
2002 : 24.4 million people
2014 : 35 million people

Namabo forest  Cutting and burning at the same time

Namabo forest cut down/ tragedy- Mpigi district

Namabo forest cut down

Namabo forest cut down/ tragedy- Mpigi district

Trainings masses the way forward

Trainings masses the way forward

Our youngsters in wakiso district replacing trees cut

Our youngsters in wakiso district replacing trees cut

Green to supporting environment  Masuuliita

Green to supporting environment- Masuuliita

Our leaders join the struggle

Our leaders join the struggle

Tree nursery seedlings

Tree nursery/ seedlings

Tree growing by example

Tree growing by example

Planting trees wherever we go

Planting trees wherever we go

tree seedlings..



  • Wednesday, 02 January 2019

In here, HEAR Uganda supports the homeless, orphans and the poor by putting up a roof on their heads.
The following areas received the support:
Kibanga- Mawokota- Mpigi.

Abandoned by husband in a collapsing house  Kakubo

This one was Abandoned by husband in a collapsing house- Kakubo

HEAR Uganda starts construction

HEAR Uganda starts construction

HEAR Uganda  completes the house.

HEAR Uganda  completes the house.

Kibanga Mawokota  our next target

Kibanga Mawokota- our next target

Bye bye old house. Welcome new house.

Oh Allah, thank you for this gift.

The owner Faruk died in an accident in 2014

The owner Faruk died in an accident in 2014.

It is now habitable for orphans and their mother

 HEAR Uganda undertook to build it, It is now habitable for orphans and their mother.

Kimenyedde  Mukono  needs a better life

 Kimenyedde- Mukono- needs a better life

Luwero district  Needs a new house  our next target

Luwero district- Needs a new house- our next target

HEAR Uganda  over the years has been able to provide food packets to over 1,500 needy people every year and communities all over the country , the food packets always  includes sugar, Maize Flour, rice ,baking flour , and cooking oil

The food packets project has benefited not only the urban  refugees but also other  needy communities outside urban areas i.e. in Kasese , Masaka , soroti, Mbarara, Butambala ,Kampala, Kalangala , Mpigi among others,

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